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You’ve just been handed a diploma and you’re thoroughly enjoying the celebration, praise, and accomplishment . . . but then you’re asked the dreaded question: What are you doing after graduation?

For our entire lives, we’re raised in a system that trains us to survive in academia instead of real life. We take tests, write essays, make dioramas of the solar system. And at the end of it all, we’re given a grade. A metric that dictates our success or failure. Whether we get an A or a C, we’re given a sense of closure and completion. And when the semester is over, we can forget it ever happened, kick back, and relax.

This is why so many of us fall victim to the now famous “quarter-life crisis” post-graduation. After over twenty years of focusing on getting good grades and succeeding in school clubs, it’s no wonder we start to feel lost when all of a sudden, none of it matters. 

What do you do when grades disappear? How do you measure your success? And most importantly, how do you find a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment when you can barely decide what to eat for breakfast?

In this conversational and solution-oriented book, Danielle Hope Diamond presents proven methods, that will take you from hopelessly lost about life to successful and confident in your career, your future, your relationships and yourself.

Figure Your Sh*t Out, is a three part syllabus for success to help post-grads ask themselves the right questions, and give them the tools to find the right answers. 

Whether you’re going through a quarter-life crisis or just need a little career and life guidance this book will help you figure your shit out, and fast.

Don’t wait until you’re jobless and floundering . . . read this book and figure your shit out today!